Section - 4 - Regulations.

    (1) The Prime Minister may by legislative instrument make regulations in respect of all or any of the following matters:-

    (a) the documents to which the wafer Public Seal and the wafer Presidential Seal respectively are to be affixed;

    (b) the manner in which such documents are to be prepared, whether to be printed or written, or partly printed or partly written, and whether to be printed or written on paper, parchment or any other fitting material;

    (c) such matters as are required or authorised under this Act to be prescribed by regulations; and

    (d) any other matter which he considers expedient for the purpose of carrying this Act into effect:

    Provided that regulations shall not be made under this section in relation to the Presidential Seal or the wafer Presidential Seal except with the prior approval of the President.

    (2) Regulations made under this section may modify the provisions of any enactment for the purpose of giving full effect to this Act or to the regulations.