Section - 34 - Police Welfare Fund.

    (1) There shall be a Police Welfare Fund, and there shall be paid to the Accountant-General to the credit of the Fund all fines imposed on police officers in disciplinary proceedings, all sums paid for the hire of police officers, voluntary contributions and moneys granted by the National Assembly.

    (2) The Fund shall be under the control of the Inspector-General of Police and, in accordance with regulations made under this Act, there shall be payable from the Fund-

    (a) rewards and gratuities to, or in respect of, subordinate police officers;

    (b) grants for providing and improving comforts, conveniences and advantages, not chargeable to the general revenue, for the benefit of subordinate police officers;

    (c) gratuities to, or in respect of, dependents of any deceased subordinate police officer.