Section - 30 - Volunteer Police Reserve.

    (1)There shall be a reserve body of persons to be known as the Volunteer Police Reserve.

    (2) The Reserve shall not form part of the Police Service or of the Public Services within the meaning of the Constitution but shall be a voluntary body subject to the provisions of this section and section 31.

    (3) Notwithstanding subsection (2), a member of the Reserve shall be deemed to be a public officer for the purposes of the Criminal Code, 1960 (Act 29); and every member of the Reserve when called out for active service shall have the powers and duties given by law to a police officer.

    (4) The Reserve shall be organised within districts of such extent as the Inspector-General of Police may determine.

    (5) The Reserve in any district shall be under the control of the senior police officer of the district and of such other officers as the Inspector-General of Police may appoint.