• (1) There is hereby established a body corporate to be known as the National Vocational Training Institute.

      (2) The Institute shall have perpetual succession and a common seal and may sue and be sued in its corporate name.

      (3) The Institute may, for and in connection with its functions under this Act, purchase, hold, manage and dispose of any property and may enter into such contracts and other transactions as may be expedient.

      (4) The common seal of the Institute shall be kept in such custody as the Board may determine, and shall not be affixed to any document or instrument except by order of the Board, and in the presence of two members of the Board, who shall sign any such document or instrument independently of the signatures of any person who may have signed the document or instrument as a witness.

    • (1) The head office of the Institute shall be at Accra.

      (2) The Institute may open branch offices in all the Regions of Ghana for the performance of its functions under this Act.

    • (1) The Board may appoint such committees consisting of such number of persons, whether members of the Board or not, as it thinks fit to exercise or advise the Board on the exercise of any of its functions under this Act.

      (2) A member of the Board shall be appointed chairman of every such committee

    • (1) The Director shall be the principal technical and administrative officer of the Institute and shall subject to the provisions of this Act, perform the following duties:-

      (a) exercise authority and general control over the technical and administrative staff of the Institute,

      (b) co-ordinate and implement the training programme of the Institute in accordance with the general policy of the Board, and

      (c) submit to the Board progress reports on the projects of the Institute.

      (2) In the absence of the Director shall the Deputy Director, act until such time as a new Director is appointed.

    • (1) The Board may grant, subject to the provisions of the Social Security Act, 1965 (Act 279) and in accordance with rules made in that behalf by the Board, pensions, allowances, gratuities or retiring awards to such employees of the Board as the Board may, after consultation with the Minister responsible for finance, determine, being employees to whom the Pensions Ordinance (Cap. 30) does not apply.

      (2) The Board may require any such employees to contribute to any pension, provident fund or superannuation scheme.

    • (1) The funds of the Institute shall include-

      (a) any grants received from the Government by the Institute for the discharge of its functions;

      (b) any loans granted to the Institute by the Government;

      (c) any grants received from the United Nations Special Fund or from any international organization;

      (d) any moneys accruing to the Institute in the course of the performance of its functions under this Act; and

      (e) gifts.

      (2) The assets and liabilities of the Apprentices Board, dissolved by this Act, are hereby transferred to the Board.

    • Every gift intended for the Institute or for any project of the Institute shall be made directly to the Institute.

    • (1) The Board shall cause to be prepared estimates of income and expenditure for each financial year and submit them through the Minister for approval by the Government.

      (2) The Minister shall approve, amend or recommend such changes in the estimates submitted to him under the foregoing subsection as the Minister thinks fit.

      (3) The Board shall ensure that any funds approved by the Government in pursuance of the provisions of this section shall be employed solely for the purposes for which they were approved and in accordance with the financial regulations of the Institute.

    • (1) The Board shall, not later than six months after the end of each financial year, submit an annual report to the Minister in such form as the Minister may prescribe which shall include the statement of account specified in section 13 (2) of this Act and the Minister shall as soon as practicable lay the report before the Cabinet.

      (2) The audited report of the Auditor-General shall be included in the annual report of the Institute and the annual report of the Institute shall be published in such a manner as the Minister may determine.

    • The Minister shall be generally responsible for the Institute, subject to the provisions of this Act.

    • The Institute shall be exempted from any tax imposed under the Income Tax Decree, 1966 (N.L.C.D. 78), the Customs and Excise Tariff Act, 1966 (Act 318) and any rates imposed by any enactment relating to local administration.

    • (1) The Apprentices Act, 1961 (Act 45) and the Apprentices Act (Amendment Decree, 1969 (N.L.C.D. 364)) are hereby repealed and the Board constituted under the said Act is, subject to the proviso in subsection (3), hereby dissolved.

      (2) The Apprentices Board (Functions) Instrument, 1961 (E.I. 107) is hereby revoked.

      (3) Subsections (1) and (2) of this section shall not have effect with respect to the dissolution of the said Board until immediately before the first meeting of the Board under this Act.

    • In this Act-

      "the Board" means the Board constituted under section 4 of this Act,

      "the Institute" means the National Vocational Training Institute established under section 1 of this Act,

      "the Minister" means the Minister responsible for Labour and Co-operatives.

    • Without prejudice to clause 16 this Act shall come into operation on the 23rd day of October, 1968.