Section - 8 - Promotion of Reconciliation.

    (1) On the hearing of a petition for divorce, the petitioner or his counsel shall inform the court of all efforts made by or on behalf of the petitioner, both before and after the commencement of the proceedings, to effect a reconciliation.

    (2) If at any stage of the proceedings for divorce it appears to the court that there is a reasonable possibility of reconciliation, the court may adjourn the proceedings for a reasonable time to enable attempts to be made to effect a reconciliation, and may direct that the parties to the marriage, together with representatives of their families or any conciliator appointed by the court and mutually agreeable to the parties, attempt to effect a reconciliation.

    (3) When proceedings are resumed after an adjournment under subsection (2), the conciliator, or if no conciliator has been appointed, counsel for the petitioner, shall make a report to the court of the result of the adjournment, and the report shall be limited to a statement that the parties have been reconciled or have not been reconciled or that more time is needed to effect a reconciliation.

    (4) Evidence of statements or other actions of the parties or their representatives in connection with attempts at reconciliation under subsection (2) shall not be admissible in court in the divorce proceedings.