LOANS ACT - 1970 (ACT 335)

    Section - 2 - Authenticating of Agreements, Securities, Etc.

    (1) Contracts and agreements entered into and securities issued under section 1 of this Act shall be signed by the Minister or such other person as the Minister may designate in writing and in the case of securities, shall be countersigned by such other person as the Minister may so designate.

    (2) The Minister may direct that there shall be substituted for the signatures in the proper handwriting of one or both of the persons authorised under this section to sign or countersign securities, facsimiles thereof printed from engraving and such substitution shall be effected accordingly.

    (3) If both the signature and counter-signature on a security issued under this section are to be printed, they shall only be printed on the securities (together with any distinguishing mark) from engraving after the securities have been delivered to the Minister or the Bank.