LOANS ACT - 1970 (ACT 335)

    Section - 19 - Regulations, Etc.

    The Minister may by legislative instrument make such regulations or make such orders as he deems necessary or expedient to provide for the management of the public debt and the payment of interest thereon and without prejudice to the generality of the preceding provisions of this section may make regulations or orders in respect of all or any of the following matters:-

    (a) for the inscription or registration of securities and prescribing the effect of such inscriptions or registration;

    (b) for the transfer, transmission, exchange, redemption, cancellation and destruction of any securities and without limiting the generality of the preceding provisions of this paragraph-

    (i) for the transmission, transfer or redemption of securities as a result of a judgment of a court or of death, dissolution or bankruptcy of the registered owner thereof; and

    (ii) for prescribing the conditions upon which the transfer, transmission, exchange and redemption of securities registered in the names of infants or other persons not of full capacity to enter into ordinary contracts may be made;

    (c) for the issue of securities or the making of payments in respect of damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed securities or interest coupons and the register pertaining thereto and prescribing conditions for such issue or payments;

    (d) requiring guarantees to be given to the Bank in such manner and by such persons as may be specified in the regulations or orders before the Bank is authorised to make entry in a register maintained by the Bank for the purposes of this section;

    (e) authorising the correction by the Bank, in such circumstances as may be specified in the regulations or orders of errors in such register and otherwise authorising the rectification of such register; and

    (f) generally for the better carrying into effect of the provisions of this Act.