LOANS ACT - 1970 (ACT 335)

    Section - 17 - Issue and Management of Loans, Etc.

    (1) The Minister shall cause to be maintained a system of books and records-

    (a) showing all moneys authorised to be borrowed and all loans authorised to be guaranteed under this Act;

    (b) containing a description and record of all moneys so borrowed and securities (if any) issued and all loans so guaranteed; and

    (c) showing all amounts paid in respect of the principal of, or interest on, all moneys so borrowed.

    (2) The Bank shall annually and as often as required by the Minister in writing, give to the Minister a statement giving an account in such form and terms and containing such information as the Minister may direct of all its transactions in connection with the discharge of its functions under section 38 of the Bank of Ghana Act, 1963 (Act 182).

    (3) The Minister may provide for the creation and management of a sinking fund with respect to any issue of securities, or with respect to all securities issued under this Act.