Section - 4 - Exemptions for Particular Classes of Persons.

    (1) No fees other than the fees prescribed for accommodation and maintenance shall be paid in respect of services rendered in a hospital to-

    (a) any person who is not gainfully employed and who is under the age of eighteen years or over the age of sixty-five years;

    (b) any person other than a non-resident alien in respect of ante-natal care at a health post, rural health centre or clinic, or any other hospital specified by the Director of Medical Services by notice published in the Gazette;

    (c) any maternity patient who has had four or more child births;

    (d) any maternity patient referred to a hospital from a clinic or health centre;

    (e) any maternity patient referred to a hospital by a registered midwife or registered medical practitioner.

    (2) No fees in respect of accommodation or maintenance shall be paid where any person referred to in subsection (1) is exempted from such payment by any provision of section 2.

    (3) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsections (1) and (2) of this section where a patient requests for special amenities such patient shall pay such fees as may be prescribed.