Section - 12 - Interpretation.

    (1) In this Act,-

    "department of state" includes the Civil Service, the Judicial Service, the Teaching Service, the Police Service, the Prisons Service, the Armed Forces of Ghana, and any other prescribed service;

    "hospital" means any government-controlled hospital, dispensary, health centre, clinic, mental or psychiatric hospital or other government medical institution at which medical treatment is available;

    "hospital revenue officer" means the officer responsible for the collection of fees at a hospital;

    "medical officer concerned" means a medical officer wholly or partly responsible for the medical care of a patient at a hospital;

    "Minister" means the Minister responsible for Health;

    "non-resident alien" means an alien who does not have a residence permit entitling him to remain in Ghana for six months or more, or who is not lawfully exempted from having a residence permit;

    "prescribed" means prescribed by regulations made under section 11;

    "private patient" means a patient who requests and is prepared to pay for special attention and amenities in lieu of the attention and amenities ordinarily appropriate to his case;

    "special amenities" means the accommodation and maintenance of a patient in a ward designated by the Director of Medical Services as an amenity ward, in which the patient enjoys personal facilities for washing and toilet and where special diets and other facilities are provided at extra cost.

    (2) Where there is any doubt as to whether an institution at which treatment is available is government-controlled so as to be a "hospital" within the meaning of this Act, the Director of Medical Services, after consultation with the Minister, may resolve such doubt by notice published in the Gazette