Section - 4 - Terms of Membership.

    (1) The Chairman and members of the Board shall hold office for three years and shall be eligible for re-appointment.

    (2) A member, including the Chairman may resign his membership of the Board by notice in writing addressed to the President through the Minister.

    (3) A member, including the Chairman may be removed from membership of the Board only when he-

    (a) becomes a person of unsound mind;

    (b) is absent from three consecutive meetings of the Board without permission;

    (c) is proved guilty of serious misconduct in relation to his duties as Chairman or member of the Board;

    (d) is sentenced to death or to imprisonment for a term exceeding 12 months without the option of a fine or is convicted of an offence involving dishonesty;

    (e) is declared insolvent or bankrupt under any law in force in Ghana or in any other country; or

    (f) (if he were a person possessed of professional qualifications) is disqualified or suspended, otherwise than at his own request, from practising his profession in Ghana or in any other country by order of any competent authority made in respect of him personally.