• (1) There is hereby established a body corporate which shall be known as the Grains Development Board (hereinafter referred to as the "Board").

      (2) The Board shall have perpetual succession and a common seal, and may sue and be sued in its corporate name.

      (3) The Board shall have power, for the discharge of any of its functions, to acquire and hold any property and to dispose of such property and to enter into any contract or other transactions.

      (4) Where there is any hindrance to the acquisition of any property under subsection (3) of this section, the property may be acquired for the Board under the State Property and Contracts Act, 1960 (C.A. 6) or as the case may be, under the State Lands Act, 1962 (Act 125) and each such Act shall, as the case may be, apply with respect to any such acquisition with such modification as may be necessary to provide for the vesting of the property acquired thereunder in the Board and for the cost of such acquisition to be defrayed by the Board.

    • (1) The Chairman and members of the Board shall hold office for three years and shall be eligible for re-appointment.

      (2) A member, including the Chairman may resign his membership of the Board by notice in writing addressed to the President through the Minister.

      (3) A member, including the Chairman may be removed from membership of the Board only when he-

      (a) becomes a person of unsound mind;

      (b) is absent from three consecutive meetings of the Board without permission;

      (c) is proved guilty of serious misconduct in relation to his duties as Chairman or member of the Board;

      (d) is sentenced to death or to imprisonment for a term exceeding 12 months without the option of a fine or is convicted of an offence involving dishonesty;

      (e) is declared insolvent or bankrupt under any law in force in Ghana or in any other country; or

      (f) (if he were a person possessed of professional qualifications) is disqualified or suspended, otherwise than at his own request, from practising his profession in Ghana or in any other country by order of any competent authority made in respect of him personally.

    • (1) No fees other than the fees prescribed for accommodation and maintenance shall be paid in respect of services rendered in a hospital to-

      (a) any person who is not gainfully employed and who is under the age of eighteen years or over the age of sixty-five years;

      (b) any person other than a non-resident alien in respect of ante-natal care at a health post, rural health centre or clinic, or any other hospital specified by the Director of Medical Services by notice published in the Gazette;

      (c) any maternity patient who has had four or more child births;

      (d) any maternity patient referred to a hospital from a clinic or health centre;

      (e) any maternity patient referred to a hospital by a registered midwife or registered medical practitioner.

      (2) No fees in respect of accommodation or maintenance shall be paid where any person referred to in subsection (1) is exempted from such payment by any provision of section 2.

      (3) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsections (1) and (2) of this section where a patient requests for special amenities such patient shall pay such fees as may be prescribed.

    • (1) The Board shall ordinarily meet for the despatch of business at such times and places as the Chairman may decide but shall meet at least once in every month.

      (2) The Chairman may, and shall on request in writing of not less than five members of the Board, call an extraordinary meeting of the Board at such time and place as he may determine.

      (3) The Chairman if present, shall preside at every meeting of the Board, and in his absence any member of the Board designated by the Chairman shall preside at the meeting.

      (4) If no member of the Board is so designated the members of the Board present shall elect one of their number to preside at the meeting.

      (5) The quorum at every meeting of the Board shall be five.

      (6) Subject to other provisions of this Act, all questions proposed at a meeting of the Board shall be determined by a simple majority of the members present and voting and where the votes are equal the Chairman or the person presiding shall have a second or casting vote.

      (7) The Board may, and shall, if the Minister thinks fit, request the attendance of any person to act as adviser at any meeting of the Board and that person while so attending shall have all the powers of a member except that he is not to vote on any question and his presence at the meeting is not to count towards the constitution of a quorum.

      (8) The validity of any act or proceedings of the Board shall not be affected by any vacancy among its members or any defect in the appointment of a member thereof.

      (9) Subject to the preceding provisions of this section the Board may regulate its own procedure.

    • (1) The Board may, subject to such limitation as to number as may be imposed on it by the Minister, appoint and employ such officers and staff including the Executive Secretary as it may think necessary for the proper discharge of its functions under this Act and there shall be paid to such officers and staff such salaries or remuneration as the Minister may, in consultation with the Minister responsible for Finance, approve.

      (2) Public officers with suitable qualifications may be transferred or seconded to the Board upon such terms and conditions as the Board may, in consultation with the Minister, determine.

      (3) The Board may also engage the services of such consultants, advisers and other persons and upon such conditions as the Board may, in consultation with the Minister determine.

    • (1) The funds of the Board shall include-

      (a) any grants received from the Government by the Board for the discharge of its functions;

      (b) any loans granted to the Board by the Government or any other body or person;

      (c) any money accruing to the Board in the course of the performance of its functions under this Act; and

      (d) any gifts.

      (2) All moneys received by or on behalf of the Board shall be deposited to the credit of the Board in a bank approved by the Board.

    • No remuneration shall be paid to a member of the Board by reason of his membership of the Board, but a member shall be reimbursed for travelling, transport and subsistence expenses approved by the Board and incurred by him in attending a meeting of the Board or an authorised conference abroad on behalf of the Board.

    • The Minister may by legislative instrument make such provision not inconsistent with this Act, as appears to him to be necessary to give effect to the provisions and principles of this Act and may include in any such instrument provisions relating to any matter falling within the scope of the functions of the Board.

    • In this Act-

      "Minister" means the Minister responsible for Agriculture.

      "Financial year" means the financial year of the Government.