Section - 2 - Objects of Corporation.

    (1) The objects of the Corporation shall be-

    (a) the provision, distribution and conservation of the supply of water in Ghana for public, domestic and industrial purposes; and

    (b) the establishment, operation and control of sewerage systems of such purposes.

    (2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the powers of the Corporation shall include, in relation to all or any of the aforesaid objects -

    (a) the preparation of long-term plans in consultation with the appropriate co-ordinating authority established by the President;

    (b) the conduct of research relative to water, sewerage, and connected subjects;

    (c) the making of engineering surveys and plans;

    (d) the construction and operation of works;

    (e) the setting of standards relative to water supply and sewerage in collaboration with appropriate authorities selected for the purposes of this Act by the President;

    (f) the determination of adequate rates, charges or fees, and effective methods for collection thereof, for water and sewerage services furnished to all classes of users; and

    (g) the conduct of other related or incidental activities.

    (3) For the purpose of carrying out any of its objects the Corporation may, by its officers, other employees or agents-

    (a) after giving notice to the owner or occupier of any land or premises, enter upon any such land or premises and thereon dig trenches, lay pipes and do other acts reasonably necessary for carrying out such objects; and

    (b) enter any road or place to which the public have access for carrying out such objects:

    Provided that the Corporation shall do as little damage as possible in the exercise of its powers under this section, and shall compensate for any damage caused by the exercise of such powers, and the liability for, and the amount of, the compensation shall, in case of difference, be settled in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act, 1961 (Act 38).