Section - 11 - Accounts.

    (1) The Corporation shall keep proper books of account and proper records in relation thereto.

    (2) Subject to such directions as to form as the Minister responsible for Finance, and the Minister may jointly give, the Corporation shall prepare, in respect of each financial year, a statement of accounts which shall include-

    (a) a balance sheet, a statement of income and expenditure and a statement containing such information as had the Corporation been a company registered under the Companies Code (Act 179) would be required to be laid before the company by the directors at an annual meeting; and

    (b) such other information in respect of the financial affairs of the Corporation as the Minister or the Minister responsible for Finance may require.

    (3) The Corporation shall, as soon as possible, but within three months after the termination of each financial year, submit an annual report to the Minister, in such form as the Minister may prescribe, which shall include the statements of account specified in subsection (2) of this section and the Minister shall as soon as practicable lay the report before the National Assembly.

    (4) The Corporation shall submit to the Minister such report of its financial affairs as the Minister may at any time require.