Section - 75 - Powers of Inspectors

    (1) An Inspector shall, for the implementation of this Act, have power-

    (a) to enter, inspect and examine, by day or by night, a factory and every part thereof, when he has reasonable cause to believe that any person is employed therein, and to enter, inspect and examine by day any place which he has reasonable cause to believe, to be a factory, office or shop, and any part of any building of which a factory, office or shop forms part and in which he has reasonable cause to believe that explosive or highly inflammable materials are stored or used;

    (b) to take with him a police officer if he has reasonable cause to expect obstruction in the execution of his duty;

    (c) to require the production of the registers, certificates, notices and documents kept in pursuance of this Act and to inspect, examine and copy any of them;

    (d) to make or cause to be made such examination and inquiry as may be necessary to ascertain whether the provisions of this Act and of the enactments in force relating to public health are complied with so far as respects a factory, office or shop and any persons employed therein;

    (e) to require any person who he finds in a factory, office or shop to give such information as it is in his power to give as to who is the occupier of the factory, office or shop;

    (f) to examine or cause to be examined any person, either alone or in the presence of any other person, as he thinks fit, with respect to matters under this Act;

    (g) in the case of an Inspector who is a registered medical practitioner, to carry out such medical examinations as may be necessary for the purposes of his duties under this Act; and

    (h) to exercise such other powers as may be necessary for carrying this Act into effect.

    (2) The occupier of every factory, office or shop, his agents and servants, shall provide the means required by an Inspector as necessary for an entry, inspection, examination, inquiry, the taking of samples, or otherwise for the exercise of his powers under this Act in relation to that factory, office or shop.