Section - 72 - Power to Apportion Expenses.

    (1) Where in any premises, the whole or any part of which has been let as a factory, any structural or other alterations are required in order to comply with the provisions of this Act or of any regulation made thereunder, or in order to conform with any standard or requirement imposed by or under this Act, and the owner or occupier, as the case may be, alleges that the whole or part of the expenses of the alterations ought to be borne by the occupier or owner, the owner or occupier may apply to the High Court for the expenses of the alterations to be apportioned between them.

    (2) The court, after hearing the parties and any witnesses whom it may wish to call, may make an order concerning the expenses or their apportionment as it considers just and equitable in the circumstances, regard being had to the terms of any contract between the parties, or, in the alternative, the court may, at the request of the owner or occupier, determine the lease.