Section - 70 - Service of Documents, Etc.

    (1) Any document, including any summons or order, required or authorised to be served under this Act may be served-

    (a) on any person by delivering it to him, or by leaving it at, or sending it by post to, his residence or place of business;

    (b) on any firm by delivering it to any partner of the firm or by leaving it at, or sending it by post to, the office of the firm;

    (c) on the owner or occupier of a factory, office or shop in any such manner as aforesaid, or by delivering it, or a true copy thereof, to any responsible person over the apparent age of eighteen years at the factory, office or shop.

    (2) Any such document may be addressed, for the purpose or service on an occupier, to "the occupier", at the proper postal address of the premises, without further name or description.

    (3) This section shall apply, with the necessary modifications, to documents required or authorised under this Act to be sent to any person, firm, owner or occupier, and to the sending, addressing and delivery of such documents.