Section - 69 - Special Provisions as to Evidence.

    (1) If a person is found in a factory at any time at which work is going on or the machinery is in motion, except during the intervals for meals or rest, he shall, until the contrary is proved, be deemed for the purposes of this Act to have been then employed in the factory:

    Provided that this subsection shall not apply to a factory in which the only persons employed are members of the same family living there.

    (2) Where any entry is required by this Act or by any regulation made thereunder to be made in the general register or in any other register or record, the entry made by the occupier of a factory or on his behalf shall, as against him, be admissible as evidence of the facts stated therein, and the fact that any entry so required with respect to the observance of any provision of this Act or of any regulation made thereunder has not been made, shall be admissible as evidence that that provision has not been observed.