Section - 58 - Premises in which Steam Boilers are Used

    (1) Sections 10, 11, 30, 33, 38, 44 to 57, 60 to 76, 78 and 79 shall apply to any premises (not being premises forming part of a factory, or premises to which the application of this Act is otherwise extended by this Part) in which a steam boiler is used, as if the premises were a factory and as if the person having the actual use or occupation of the premises were the occupier of a factory.

    (2) The owner of the boiler, receiver or container shall, instead of the person deemed to be the occupier, be responsible for any contravention of sections 44, 45 and 47 as applied by this section in so far as they relate to matters within his control.

    (3) The Minister may by legislative instrument make regulations modifying the provisions of sections 71 (so far as applicable) and 72 in their application by this section to premises in which a steam boiler is used.

    (4) The occupier of any premises (not being premises forming part of a factory) in which a steam boiler is used shall, within one month after the date upon which the boiler is first used in those premises, send to the Chief Inspector a written notice containing his name, the address and location of the premises, the nature of the work carried on in the premises, and the following particulars in respect of each steam boiler in use:-

    (a) the type, description and distinctive number;

    (b) the country and year of manufacture;

    (c) the date of the last thorough examination and the name of the person by whom the examination was made;

    (d) the maximum permissible working pressure in pounds per square inch.