Section - 56 - Docks, Wharves, Quays and Warehouses

    (1) Sections 6, 7, 10 to 54 and 60 to 87 shall apply, so far as applicable, to every dock, wharf or quay and every warehouse not forming part of a factory, in or for the purposes of which mechanical power is used, as if it were a factory and as if the person having the actual use or occupation of it were the occupier of a factory.

    (2) The provisions applied by this section shall apply to the processes of loading, unloading or coaling of any ship in any dock or harbour, and to all machinery or plant used in those processes, as if the processes were carried on in a factory and the machinery or plant were in a factory and the person who carries on those processes were the occupier of a factory:

    Provided that sections 50 and 52 shall not apply in relation to any such machinery or plant which is on board a ship and is the property of the shipowner.

    (3) For the purposes of this section, "plant" includes any gangway or ladder used by any person employed to load, unload or coal a ship.