Section - 55 - Part of Building as Separate Factory or Shop

    (1) Where part of a building is let off as a separate factory or shop, the provisions of this Act relating to factories or shops shall apply to any part of the building used for the purposes of the factory or shop, but the owner of the building shall, instead of the occupier, be responsible for any contravention of sections 19, 31 to 34, 44 to 47 and 52 to 54 insofar as those sections relate to matters which are within his control or which are his responsibility.

    (2) For the purposes of this section, references in sections 52 to 54 to the occupier shall be taken as references to the occupier or to the owner of the building, according to which of them is responsible in respect of the matters complained of.

    (3) For the purposes of the provisions applied by this section, lifting machines attached to the outside of the building, and chains, ropes and lifting tackle used in connection with those machines, shall be treated as being in the building.

    (4) Where in any provision applied by this section, or in any regulations made thereunder, there is contained in respect of a factory any reference to the general register, that reference shall be taken,in relation to matters in respect of which the owner of the building is responsible, as a reference to a register to be kept by him, and section 69(2) shall apply in relation to any such register as if the owner were the occupier of the factory.