Section - 42 - Vessels Containing Dangerous Liquids

    (1) Every fixed vessel, structure, sump or pit of which the edge is level with or less than three feet above the adjoining ground or platform shall, if it contains any scalding, corrosive or poisonous liquid, either be securely covered or be securely fenced to at least three feet above that ground or platform, or where by reason of the nature of the work neither secure covering nor secure fencing to that height is practicable, all practicable steps shall be taken by covering, fencing or other means to prevent any person from falling into the vessel, structure, sump or pit.

    (2) A warning notice, indicating the nature of the danger and in a form readily understood by the persons employed, shall be marked on or attached to any plant to which this section applies or, if this is not reasonably practicable, be posted nearby.