Section - 39 - Safeguards for Transmission Machinery

    (1) Efficient devices or appliances shall be provided and maintained in every room or place where work is carried on by which the power can promptly be cut off from the transmission machinery in that room or place.

    (2) Every machine intended to be driven by mechanical power shall be provided with an efficient starting and stopping appliance, the control of which shall be in such a position as to be readily and conveniently operated by the person operating the machine.

    (3) No driving belt when not in use shall be allowed to rest or ride upon a revolving shaft which forms part of the transmission machinery.

    (4) Suitable striking gear or other efficient mechanical appliances shall be provided and maintained and used to move driving belts to and from fast and loose pulleys which form part of the transmission machinery, and any such gear or appliances shall be so constructed, placed and maintained as to prevent the driving belt from creeping back on to the fast pulley.

    (5) The Chief Inspector may by certificate in writing grant, subject to any conditions specified in the certificate, exemption from compliance with any requirements of this section in any case where he is satisfied that compliance with the requirement is unnecessary or impracticable.