Section - 30 - Health and Welfare Regulations

    (1) The Minister may by legislative instrument make regulations-

    (a) modifying or extending for any class of factory, office or shop any provision of this Act imposing requirements as to health or welfare, where he is satisfied that such modification or extension is necessary to secure the health or welfare of persons employed;

    (b) regulating the preparing and taking of meals, ambulance and first aid arrangements, rest rooms, supply of protective clothing, and the supply and use of seats in workrooms;

    (c) increasing the number of cubic feet which must be allowed for each person under section 14;

    (d) prescribing standards of adequate and suitable ventilation, washing facilities, lighting and sanitary conveniences;

    (e) providing for the control of noise and vibrations and safeguarding the health of persons subjected to noise and vibrations;

    (f) prescribing the maximum weights which may be lifted, carried or moved by any person, either generally or in relation to particular circumstances;

    (g) providing for the protection of persons or any class of persons working in any factory, office or shop against risk of bodily injury or injury to health arising out of the use of any machinery, plant, equipment, appliance or substance, the carrying on of any operation or the use of any process;

    (h) otherwise for carrying out the principles and purposes of this Part.

    (2) Regulations made under this section may impose duties on owners, employed persons and other persons, as well as on occupiers.