Section - 3 - Registration of New Factories

    (1) Any person who intends to occupy or use any premises as a factory after the commencement of this Act shall, not less than one month before he begins to occupy or use the premises as a factory, apply for the registration of the premises by sending to the Chief Inspector a notice containing the particulars set out in the First Schedule.

    (2) On receipt of such notice the Chief Inspector shall, within three months, register the factory and shall issue to the occupier a Certificate of Registration upon the payment by the occupier of the prescribed fee. [As amended by Factories, Offices and Shops (Amendment) Law, 1983 (PNDCL 66) s. 1(c)].

    (3) Every certificate of registration issued under this section shall be an annual certificate and shall expire on the 31st day of December of the year in which it is issued. [As inserted by Factories, Offices and Shops (Amendment) Law, 1983 (PNDCL 66) s. 1(d)].