Section - 23 - Removal of Dust or Fumes

    (1) Where in any factory process there is given off dust, fumes or other impurities of such a character or to such an extent as to be likely to be injurious or offensive to the persons employed, or any substantial quantity of dust of any kind, all practicable measures shall be taken to protect the persons employed against inhalation of the dust, fumes or other impurities and to prevent them accumulating in any workroom, and in particular, where the nature of the process makes it practicable, exhaust appliances shall be provided and maintained, as near as possible to the point of origin of the dust, fumes or other impurities, so as to prevent them entering the air of any workroom.

    (2) No stationary internal combustion engine shall be used in any factory unless provision is made to conduct the exhaust gases from the engine into the open air.