Section - 19 - Sanitary Conveniences

    1) Adequate and suitable sanitary conveniences conveniently accessible to persons employed shall be provided, maintained and kept clean in every factory, office and shop, and effective provision shall be made for their lighting and ventilation.

    (2) Where persons of both sexes are employed (except where the only persons employed are members of the same family, or where less than five persons are employed), separate conveniences shall be provided for males and females.

    (3) The Minister may by executive instrument direct that the provisions of this section shall, in any area, be enforced by the local authority.

    (4) Where an Inspector finds any act or default in relation to any drain, sanitary convenience or water supply, or any nuisance or other matter in any premises to which this Act applies, which appears to him to be the concern of the local authority under this section or under any other enactment, he shall give notice thereof in writing to the local authority.