Section - 14 - Overcrowding

    (1) No room comprised in or constituting a factory, office or shop shall, while work is carried on therein, be so overcrowded as to cause risk of injury to the health of persons working therein; and in determining whether any such room is overcrowded or not, account shall be taken not only of the number of persons who may be expected to be working in the room at any time but also of the space in the room occupied by furniture, furnishings, fittings, machinery, plant, equipment and appliances.

    (2) The floor area (in square feet) or capacity (in cubic feet) for each person habitually employed to work in any room to which this section applies shall not be less than 40 square feet or 400 cubic feet respectively.

    (3) Every workroom shall be not less than nine feet in height, measured from the floor to the lowest point of the ceiling or, where there is no ceiling to the lowest point of the roofing material.

    (4) Where the Chief Inspector is satisfied that the special conditions under which work is carried on in any workroom render the application of subsection (2) or (3) inappropriate or unnecessary, he may by certificate in writing exempt the workroom from those provisions subject to any conditions specified in the certificate.

    (5) In calculating for the purposes of this section the cubic space in any room, no space more than fourteen feet from the floor shall be taken into account.