Section - 2 - Functions of Board.

    (1) The Board shall be responsible for the development on a commercial scale of the bast fibre industry in Ghana.

    (2) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing subsection the Board may under that subsection carry out the following activities:-

    (a) the cultivation or the arrangement for the cultivation on a commercial scale, of bast fibres;

    (b) the processing, handling and grading of bast fibres;

    (c) the purchase, sale, distribution and exportation of bast fibres;

    (d) the importation when and as it thinks fit of unprocessed bast fibres into Ghana;

    (e) the determination and guarantee, from time to time, of the prices at which bast fibres shall be purchased by the Board;

    (f) the withholding of assistance at its discretion from growers who have contravened any provision of this Act;

    (g) the undertaking of research or the arrangement of research in respect of the problems affecting the bast fibre industry for the improvement and utilisation of bast fibre products;

    (h) the giving of advice on all technical, social and economic matters connected with the general development of the bast fibre industry, and

    (i) the discharge of any other function which is incidental to or related to the discharge of any of the above-mentioned functions.

    (3) The Board may from time to time in writing give to any person connected with the bast fibre industry such directions as the Board may consider necessary for promoting the development on a commercial scale of the bast fibre industry in Ghana and it shall be the duty of any such person to comply with such directions.