ANATOMY ACT - 1965 (ACT 280)

    Section - 2 - Persons having Lawful Custody of Bodies of Deceased Individuals to Permit Examination, Etc., of such Bodies.

    The executor or any other person having lawful possession of the body of a deceased individual, and not being an undertaker or other person entrusted with that body for the purpose only of interment, may permit any licensee to carry out in relation to that body any matter referred to in subsection (2) of section 1, unless to the knowledge of that executor or person, the deceased individual has expressed a contrary desire, in writing at any time during his life or by word of mouth in the presence of at least two witnesses during the illness whereof he died, or unless the surviving husband or wife, or in the absence of such husband or wife, any known relative of the deceased individual falling within such class of relatives of that individual as may be prescribed, is opposed to such matter being carried out.