Section - 27 - Accounts.

    (1) The Board shall cause proper accounts and other records in relation thereto to be kept; and the books of accounts of the Bank shall be balanced on the thirty-first day of December of each year and shall be audited by the auditor of the Bank.

    (2) The annual statement of accounts as audited shall be signed by the Chairman, two directors, the Chief Accountant and the Secretary and shall be sent to the Minister not later than three months after the close of each financial year.

    (3) The annual statement of accounts shall as soon as may be practicable, be laid by the Minister before Parliament and shall be published in the Gazette.

    (4) The Bank shall:

    (i) exhibit throughout the year in a conspicuous position in every office or branch of the Bank in Ghana a copy of its last audited balance-sheet;

    (ii) on or about the date of the presentation of the accounts to the shareholders in general meeting, cause a copy thereof to be published in a daily newspaper circulating in Ghana;

    (iii) not later than seven days prior to the date of the general meeting send a copy thereof to each shareholder entitled to attend such meeting.