• Notwithstanding the provisions of the Chieftaincy Act, 1971 (Act 370) or any other enactment to the contrary, the City Manager, Accra, is hereby ordered to take possession of the Osu Stool Property forthwith from the said Nii Nortei Owuo III or whomsoever may for the time being be in possession of such property.

    • The said City Manager shall as soon as practicable prepare an inventory of the said stool property and transmit a copy of the inventory to the PNDC Secretary responsible for Chieftaincy Affairs together with a signed certificate of its correctness.

    • The PNDC Secretary responsible for Chieftaincy Affairs may at such time as he thinks fit order the City Manager, Accra, to restore the Osu Stool Property to such person or persons as the said Secretary may in writing specify.

    • Any person who obstructs or otherwise prevents the said City Manager from carrying out his functions under this Law shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to imprisonment not exceeding two years or to a fine not exceeding c5,000.00 or to both.