Section - 47 - Examination of Witness by a Magistrate or District Tribunal.

    (1) A Magistrate Grade I or a District Tribunal at any place in Ghana may order any person present at any place in Ghana whether or not that place is within the area of jurisdiction of the magistrate or District Tribunal, to appear before him to be examined on oath or affirmation where-

    (a) that person has been specified by any foreign government or foreign authority; and

    (b) an application for the order has been made to the magistrate or to the District Tribunal by the Attorney-General, upon a request made by the Ghanaian authority.

    (2) The examination under subsection (1) shall be in relation to such drug-related matter as may be specified by the foreign government or the foreign authority, and the person shall answer all questions put to him by the Attorney-General or the authorised police officer either at his own instance or in accordance with any written interrogatories received from the foreign government or the foreign authority.

    (3) A person ordered by a Magistrate or a District Tribunal to appear for examination under this section shall comply with the terms of the order and shall continue to attend for examination.

    (4) A person who is being examined before a Magistrate or District Tribunal under this section shall be entitled to be represented at the examination by counsel.

    (5) Any person who-

    (a) contravenes subsection (4); or

    (b) fails to answer, or answers falsely, any lawful question put to him during an examination under this section,

    shall be guilty of an offence under this Law.