Section - 46 - Examination of Witness by an Authorised Police Officer.

    (1) The Ghanaian authority, shall order in writing or orally any person who is specified by the foreign government or foreign authority, or any other person who is reasonably suspected to have any relevant knowledge or information, to attend before him or any other authorised police officer, to be examined in respect of the drug-related matter specified by the foreign government or foreign authority.

    (2) A person to whom an order has been given under subsection (1) shall attend in accordance with the terms of the order to be examined and shall continue to attend from day to day as directed by the authorised police officer conducting the examination until the examination is completed.

    (3) A person undergoing an examination under this section shall disclose all information which is within his knowledge, or which is capable of being obtained by him, in respect of the matter for which he is being examined, and where any question is put to him he shall answer the question truthfully and to the best of his knowledge and belief.

    (4) A person being examined under this section shall produce all such documents, articles or things as may be relevant to the examination or as he may be required to produce by the authorised police officer examining him, and the documents, articles or things may be retained in police custody or transmitted to the foreign government or foreign authority.

    (5) Nothing contained in subsection (3) and (4) shall be construed as compelling the person who is being examined under this section to disclose any information or produce any document, article or thing which may incriminate him or his lawful spouse for an offence under any law, in Ghana or of the foreign country.

    (6) No information or document obtained under this section shall be admissible in evidence at the trial of any person from whom it is obtained if it is proved that it was obtained by duress.

    (7) Subject to subsections (5) and (6) any person who contravenes any provision of this section shall be guilty of an offence under this Law.