Section - 39 - Release of Property Seized.

    (1) Where property has been seized under this Law an authorised police officer other than the police officer who effected the seizure, may, at any time, before it is forfeited under this Law release the property to such person as he considers to be lawfully entitled to the property if he is satisfied that the property is not liable to forfeiture under this Law or under any law and is not otherwise required for the purpose of any proceedings under this Law, or any other law.

    (2) Where a release has been effected under subsection (1) neither the officer effecting the seizure, nor the state nor any person acting on behalf of the Government, shall be liable to any civil proceedings by any person.

    (3) A record in writing shall be made by the officer effecting any release of any property under subsection (1) specifying in detail the circumstances of, and the reason for, the release, and he shall send a copy of the record to the Attorney-General and to the Inspector-General of Police within seven days after the release.