Section - 36 - Seizure of Immovable Property.

    (1) Where a police officer of or above the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police reasonably suspects that any immovable property is the subject matter of an offence under this Law, or is illegal property, the property shall be liable to seizure, and the seizure shall be effected-

    (a) by posting, where practicable, a copy of the notice of seizure in a conspicuous position on the immovable property; and

    (b) by lodging a copy of the notice of seizure at the Lands Title Registry.

    (2) The Lands Registrar shall make an entry in the Register kept in his office of the terms of the notice of seizure of the immovable property.

    (3) The entry made under subsection (2) shall have the effect of prohibiting all dealings in respect of the immovable property and accordingly, after the notice has been lodged with the Lands Registrar, no dealing in respect of the immovable property shall be registered, whether it was lodged before or after the lodgment of the notice of seizure or the making of the entry.

    (4) Subsection (3) shall not apply to a dealing effected under this Law by a public officer in his capacity as such officer, or otherwise by or on behalf of the Government.