Section - 35 - Seizure of Movable Property.

    (1) Any movable property which an authorised police officer reasonably suspects to be the subject matter of an offence under this Law or which has been used for the commission of that offence, or is illegal property, shall be liable to seizure.

    (2) Whenever any movable property is seized under subsection (1), the officer effecting the seizure, shall as soon as practicable, serve a notice in writing of the seizure and the grounds for the seizure on the owner of the property, if the owner and his whereabouts are known:

    Provided that the notice shall not be required to be served where the seizure is made in the presence of the person against whom proceedings under Part III are intended to be taken, or in the presence of the owner of that property or his agent, or in the case of an aircraft, in the presence of the pilot.

    (3) Subsection (1) shall not apply to any aircraft belonging to any person carrying on a regular lawful passenger or freight service within Ghana or to and from Ghana except where prosecution for an offence under this Law is to be instituted, or proceedings under Part III are to be taken, against the owner of the aircraft.