Section - 25 - Search of Person.

    (1) An authorised police officer may search or cause to be searched, any person whom he has reason to believe has on his person any property liable to seizure or forfeiture under this Law or any article necessary for the purpose of any investigation under this Law.

    (2) For the purposes of a search referred to in subsection (1) the authorised police officer may detain that person for such period as may be necessary to have the search carried out, which shall not in any case exceed twenty-four hours, without the authorisation of a magistrate, and may remove him in custody to any place necessary to facilitate the search.

    (3) A search of a person under this section may extend to a medical examination of his body, both externally and internally, by a medical officer.

    (4) No female person shall be searched under this section or under section 15 except by another female.