Section - 21 - Proceedings not to Abate upon Death of Persons Affected.

    (1) Proceedings under this Part shall not abate upon the death of the person affected but shall be continued to their final conclusion, whether or not such death results from the execution of a sentence of death for any offence under any law and whether or not the offence is related to or involves any narcotic drug, and where proceedings under this Part are instituted against a person who is under a sentence of death those proceedings shall not impede, delay or in any manner or for any reason affect the process for the execution of the sentence.

    (2) Where the liable person dies before the conclusion of any proceedings under this Part, but after the issue of the notice against him under section 17(1), the proceedings shall be continued against the personal representative of the deceased liable person or, if there is no such personal representative, against such beneficiary of the estate of the deceased liable person as may be specified by the court upon application by the Attorney-General.

    (3) Where at any time after any specification of a beneficiary has been made by a court under section 15(4) or by a court under section 17(3) and, representation to the estate of the deceased has been duly taken out, the Attorney-General shall apply to the court for the personal representative to be substituted for the beneficiary, and the court shall order accordingly, after giving an opportunity to the said beneficiary or the personal representative to be heard.

    (4) In making an order under subsection (3) the court may give all such directions of transitional, incidental or ancillary nature as it may consider necessary.