Section - 17 - Notice to Show Cause Against Forfeiture.

    (1) The court may on hearing the application of the Attorney-General under section 16 (1), issue a notice on the liable person specified in the application, attaching the affidavit referred to in section 16 (2), and calling on the liable person to attend before the court on a date specified in the notice, which shall not be less than thirty days from the date of the notice, to show cause why all or any of the properties identified in the application should not be forfeited.

    (2) Where a notice to any person under subsection (1) specifies any property as being held on behalf of the liable person by any other person, or as being transferred or sold to, or deposited or kept with, any other person, a copy of the notice shall be served upon such other person.

    (3) Where before a notice is issued under subsection (1) the Attorney-General informs the court that the liable person referred to in his application has died before or after the application was filed, the notice shall be issued against the personal representative, and where there is no personal representative, against such beneficiary of his estate as may be specified by the court.

    (4) The Attorney-General may at any stage of the proceedings under this section, apply to the court for an amendment of the notice.

    (5) The court may, after giving the liable person an opportunity to be heard, make such order on the application as the court considers just and proper; where the court grants the application, whether with or without modifications, it may give such directions in the matter as it may consider necessary.