Section - 20 - Power to make Regualtions

    (1) The Minister may after consultation with the Board make regulations in respect of the institution, conduct, supervision and inspection of private hospitals and maternity homes and generally for the carrying into effect the purposes of this Act. Without prejudice to the generality of the powers conferred by this subsection, particular Regulations may be made, -

    (a) prescribing any matter or thing required for the purposes of this Act;

    (b) prescribing the standards of sanitary arrangements;

    (c) regulating the accommodation for patients and nursing staff;

    (d) regulating the accommodation and equipment for operating theatres, laboratories, sterilisation and disinfection, pharmacies and other similar purposes;

    (e) prescribing the qualifications and training of the nursing staff and the number of qualified nurses to be employed in proportion to the number of beds available;

    (f) regulating the preparation and storage of food and drugs and, where drugs are dispensed in a private hospital, the number of qualified pharmacists to be employed;

    (g) regulating the arrangements for disinfections and the prevention of the spread of infection;

    (h) prescribing the arrangements to be made for the prevention and control of fire and for the safety of patients and staff in the event of fire;

    (i) prescribing the records and statistics to be kept and the mode of keeping them;

    (j) prescribing the registers and records to be kept in respect of patients;

    (k) prescribing the notification of deaths, births, still-births, miscarriages and abortions;

    (l) regulating the admission and discharge of patients;

    (m) prescribing the hours of work and working conditions for the nursing staff;

    (n) regulating general medical and domestic arrangements;

    (o) prescribing the records to be kept when a child born in a private hospital or maternity home is discharged or removed therefrom;

    (p) prescribing the fees to be paid for the registration of private hospitals and maternity homes under this Act;

    (q) prescribing the mode of execution of instruments.

    (r) prescribing the fees to be paid for the supervision and inspection of private hospitals and maternity homes;

    (s) prescribing fees to be paid for the retention of the names of registered private hospitals and maternity homes on the Register of Private Hospitals and Maternity Homes. [As inserted by the Private Hospitals and Maternity Homes (Amendment) Decree 1969 (NLCD 395), s. 3]

    (2) Regulations made under this section shall come into force on the date of publication in the Gazette, and be laid before Parliament as soon as practicable after they have been made.