• Despite a law or anything to the contrary, the lands specified in the Schedule are hereby vested in the President on behalf of, and in trust for, the people of Ghana free from any encumbrances.

    • (1) There shall be payable to the Ellis and Wood families a final and total compensation in the sum of two hundred million cedis in respect of the lands.

      (2) The compensation specified in subsection (1) shall be paid subject to the deduction from the compensation of the taxes, rents and any other charges payable and outstanding in respect of the lands.

    • (1)A Court or tribunal does not have jurisdiction to entertain an action or any proceedings of whatever nature for the purpose of questioning or determining a matter on or relating to the lands, the acquisition or the compensation specified in this Act.

      (2) A cause or matter relating to or connected with any of the lands specified in the Schedule pending before a Court or tribunal is hereby abated.

    • The following enactments are hereby repealed

      (a) the Hemang Lands (Acquisition) Decree, 1975 (NRCD 332); and

      (b) the Hemang Lands (Acquisition) (Amendment) Law, 1982 (PNDCL 29).