Section - 4 - Board of the National Theatre

    (1) The governing body of the National Theatre is the National Theatre Board consisting of

    (a) the chairman and five other persons,

    (b) the Director of the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon,

    (c) the Director of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon,

    (d) the executive director of the Ghana National Theatre.

    (2) The members of the Board shall be appointed by the President in accordance with article 70 of the Constitution.

    (3) A member of the Board shall hold office for a period not exceeding four years and is eligible for re-appointment.

    (4) A member of the Board may at any time resign from office by giving two months' notice in writing addressed to the Minister.

    (5) A member of the Board shall hold office on the terms and conditions, including the payment of all allowances or remuneration, determined by the President, on the recommendation of the Minister.