• Except in such special circumstances and subject to such conditions as the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council may impose, any public servant who has obtained a loan from or arranged by his employer for the construction of any residential accommodation under any housing loan scheme designed for public servants shall not, after the completion of the house in respect of which the loan was granted, be allocated any bungalow or other accommodation howsoever described, being a bungalow or accommodation owned by the Government or his other employer within the public service if the city or town where the public servant is for the time being posted is the same as the city or town in which the said house is situated.

    • (1) Subject to section 1 of this Decree, where at the commencement of this Decree any person to whom section 1 of this Decree applies has been allocated any such bungalow or accommodation as is referred to in that section, that person shall vacate the bungalow or accommodation forthwith or pay to the Government a sum equal to the rent for which his house constructed with such loan as is referred to in section 1 of this Decree has been let by him.

      (2) Where any such houses is let to any tenant the public servants referred to in subsection (1) of this section shall, notwithstanding any lease or agreement to the contrary, be entitled to eject the tenant from the house upon tender to the tenant of rent if any, already paid by the tenant to the said public servant in respect of any period falling after the date ejectment of the tenant from the house.

    • In this Decree,

      "public servant" means any person whose salary is paid out of public funds and includes any person who is an employee of a company wholly owned by the Government or wholly owned by a statutory corporation or any other agency of the Government.