Section - 3 - Membership of the Commission.

    (1) The Commission shall consist of a Chairman who is known to be committed to the cause of children and the following persons:-

    (a) one representative each from the-

    (i) Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

    (ii) Department of Social Welfare and Community Development;

    (iii) National Youth Council;

    (iv) Ghana Assembly of Women;

    (v) National Council on Women and Development;

    (vi) Ghana Education Service.

    (b) There shall, in addition to the representatives from the above-named organisations, be twelve other members who shall be persons with proven interest in the welfare of children. In selecting these other twelve members care shall be taken to ensure that people with proven ability in the following professions are included-

    (i) Medical profession preferably with specialisation in child health;

    (ii) Legal Profession;

    (iii) Physical Education and Sports.

    (c) the Executive Secretary who shall be the Secretary of the Commission (ex officio)

    (2) The Chairman and all the members under paragraph (b) of subsection (1) of this section shall be appointed by the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council upon the recommendation of the Commissioner responsible for Social Welfare.

    (3) Members of the Commission shall appoint a Vice-Chairman from amongst their number.

    (4) The Chairman shall hold office for a period of four years and shall be eligible for re-appointment.

    (5) Members of the Commission other than ex officio members shall hold office for a term not exceeding three years, but shall be eligible for re-appointment for another term.

    (6) Members of the Commission other than ex officio members may at any time resign their office by notice in writing addressed to the Chairman.

    (7) Where a member of the Commission other than an ex officio member, is away from Ghana for a continuous period of six months or is otherwise unable to participate in the activities of the Commission for a continuous period of six months, the office of such a member shall be declared vacant at the end of such a period.

    (8) Where an ex officio member is unable to attend meetings of the commission or participate in its activities the respective organisation represented by him may appoint another person to act in his place.

    (9) Where for any just cause, the Commission considers that a serving ex officio member must be replaced, the Commission may upon a resolution signed by not less than two-thirds of its full membership, including the Chairman, make appropriate recommendations to the Commissioner who without prejudice to the provisions of subsection (2) of this section shall endorse such recommendations if he is satisfied that it is in the public interest so to do.

    (10 ) In the event of the resignation, termination of membership or death of a member other than an ex officio member or where the office of any such member becomes vacant under subsection (7) of this section, a replacement shall be appointed in accordance with the provisions of subsection (2) of this section.

    (11) The Commission shall pay to members monthly allowances, in line with prevailing rates within the public service.