Section - 2 - Objects of Commission.

    The objects of the Commission shall be-

    (a) to see to the general welfare and development of children and co-ordinate all the essential services for children in the country which will promote the United Nations rights of the child;

    (b) to work hand-in-hand with the various agencies concerned with the implementation of policies and programmes for children;

    (c) to make proposals to Government from time to time for the enactment or review of legislation in areas of children's rights, privileges and benefits in Ghana;

    (d) to encourage and assist in regulating the establishment of creches, day-care centres and homes for disabled children (when they are deemed necessary) as well as children's playgrounds;

    (e) to encourage the establishment of centres offering diagnostic and welfare services to children in all the regions to co-ordinate their activities and to ensure the effective use of data and research materials from these centres;

    (f) to encourage the provision of adequate facilities and the establishment of programmes for the gifted child;

    (g) to encourage participation by private individuals and groups in the promotion of any of the objectives of the Commission; and

    (h) to perform any functions as are incidental or conducive to the exercise by the Commission of all or any of the foregoing functions.