• This Act may be cited as the Official Publications Act, 1959.

    • (1) The publication by the Government Printer of any Act, instrument, notice or other document otherwise than in the Gazette shall, if notice of the publication thereof is given in the Gazette, have the like effect for the purposes of any Act requiring publication in the Gazette or otherwise referring to such publication as if the document had been published in the Gazette on the date on which notice of the publication was given therein:

      Provided that this subsection shall not apply to the publication of Bills.

      (2) Except where expressly disapplied by an Act passed after the commencement of this Act, subsection (1) shall have effect as well for the purposes of an Act so passed as for the purposes of an exiting Act.

    • (1) A copy of any document purporting to have been printed by the Government Printer shall be prima facie evidence of the due making and tenor of that document and, if the document purports to have been published, of the publication thereof.

      No.29 of 1957.

      (2) Section 15 of the Interpretation Act, 1957 (which makes provision as to evidence in relation to official publications) is hereby repealed.

    • Subsection (1) of Section 13 of the Statutory Instruments Act, 1959 (which makes provision as to the commencement of statutory instruments) is hereby amended, with effect from the commencement of that Act,-

      (a) by the insertion, at the beginning of paragraph (a), of the words "in the case of a legislative instrument made after the coming into operation of Section 4 of this Act,"; and

      (b) by the substitution for paragraph (b) of the following-

      "(b) in any other case, on the date on which the instrument is made:"