Section - 12 - Regulations.

    (1) The Commissioner may on the advice of the Board by legislative instrument, make regulations for carrying the provisions of this Decree into full effect.

    (2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) of this section regulations may be made thereunder-

    (a) for regulating the marketing of timber and timber products;

    (b) for registration of exporters of timber and timber products;

    (c) for regulation of the conveyance and haulage of timber and timber products;

    (d) for the registration of carpenters and other persons who depend on woodwork for their livelihood for the purpose of enabling them to obtain timber products for the pursuit of their occupations;

    (e) to regulate the supply of timber products to persons requiring them for building purposes in the case of towns or places near the land borders of Ghana;

    (f) for providing that timber and timber products shall be exported only through particular designated exit points;

    (g) for prescribing fees in respect of anything to be done under this Decree;

    (h) for prescribing any thing required or authorised to be prescribed by this Decree;

    (i) for prescribing in relation to a contravention of any of the regulations, a penalty not exceeding a fine of c20,000.00 or ten years imprisonment or both and prescribing where the Commissioner thinks fit a minimum penalty and requiring the forfeiture of any goods involved in the commission of the offence.