SPORTS ACT - 1976 (SMCD 54)

    Section - 6 - Disqualification for Membership of National Council.

    No person shall be qualified to be a member of the National Council-

    (a) if he has been sentenced to death or to a term of imprisonment exceeding twelve months without option of a fine or has been convicted of an offence involving dishonesty or moral turpitude and has not in each case been granted a free pardon;

    (b) if having been declared as an insolvent or a bankrupt under any law for the time being in force in Ghana or any other country he is an undischarged insolvent or bankrupt;

    (c) if he is adjudged to be a person of unsound mind; or

    (d) if in the case of a person possessed of professional qualifications he is for the time being disqualified or suspended otherwise than at his own request from practising his profession in Ghana or in any other country by order of any competent authority made in respect of him personally; so however that a person shall not be deemed to be disqualified from being a member under this paragraph of this section by virtue of his disqualification from practising his profession, if five years have passed since such disqualification.