SPORTS ACT - 1976 (SMCD 54)

    Section - 4 - Functions.

    (1) Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of section 3 of this Decree, the National Council shall, for the purposes of giving effect to its objects -

    (a) organise and assist financially or otherwise the participation of Ghanaian sportsmen and sportswomen in amateur and professional sports at District, Regional, National and International levels;

    (b) be responsible for taking insurance cover for all sportsmen, sportswomen and sports officials chosen to represent Ghana in or outside Ghana in respect of such risks as appear to the National Council to be reasonable and incidental to sports;

    (c) provide such financial and other assistance as the Commissioner responsible for Sports (in this Decree referred to as "the Commissioner") may consider reasonable to any team or person for the purpose of enabling that team or person to represent Ghana in International competitions in or outside Ghana;

    (d) encourage Ghanaians to participate in sporting activities in or outside Ghana;

    (e) provide sports instructors to any team, person or organisation who or which in the opinion of the National Council, reasonably needs such instructors;

    (f) provide and maintain sports centres and facilities for use by all sportsmen and sportswomen;

    (g) maintain all playing fields and stadia provided by the body known as the National Playing Fields Board or any other body approved by the Commissioner;

    (h) promote the establishment of both amateur and professional association of sports at the District, Regional and National levels;

    (i) provide financial assistance to all such sporting associations as appear to the National Council to be deserving of such assistance;

    (j) provide the Regional Sports Council with such financial and other assistance as the National Council may consider necessary to enable them to promote, encourage and develop sports effectively in their respective regions;

    (k) provide the Universities in Ghana, the Armed Forces, the Police Force, the Prisons Service, Schools and Colleges financial and other assistance for the holding of special sports festivals;

    (l) undertake and encourage research into all matters relating to sports;

    (m) do all other acts as are reasonably incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the National Council.

    (2) The National Council shall, in all international relations affecting amateur or professional sports or both, have the sole right to make on behalf of the Regional Sports Councils and National Sports Associations, any necessary arrangements for competitions, technical assistance and recruitment of coaches.

    (3) Such arrangements shall be concluded through the Ministry responsible for Sports and the appropriate Government agency.